We extend the life of your investments

Al Bawardi Enterprises

GCC Sole Distributor
  • Al Bawardi Enterprises (AE) has been active in the UAE for several decades offering solutions to its wide base customers in various industries and sectors.
  • AE through its subsidiary Prezioso Emdad, our applicator, has broad expertise in proven maintenance solutions to its various customers focusing on delivering services of coatings, insulation, access solutions, repairs and surface treatment.
  • We deploy various customized solutions to meet clients requirements and remain engaged and focused to execute and deliver a safe and effective model.
We assist customers in extending the life and optimising the cost of their most critical assets

By designing and implementing services for specialist coatings, access systems, insulation and passive fire protection.

By engineering and deploying solutions for asset inspection, repair, maintenance and modification.

Nano-Zone Coating Solution

Patented Japanese Technology

In response to pandemic-induced heightened interest in health and hygiene, a coating solution has been developed to prevent the spread of viruses such as Corona, Sars, Influenza and others.

This easy solution offers its consumers the necessity of maintaining their workplace in a sterilized manner to ensure the comfort of a hygienic environment with a peace of mind.

Recent studies show that viruses along with coronavirus and others can remain viable or infectious on metal, glass, wood, fabrics and plastic surfaces for several hours to days, irrespective of the surface looking dirty or clean.

As a result, a patented Japanese product known as Nano-Zone Coating Solution (“Nano-Zone”) is now available in the UAE and GCC Market that can be easily applied on various surfaces, hassle-free and has long term positive effects on eliminating health hazards.

Nano-Zone has been certified and mandated by the Japanese Government to be used in several sectors including hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, offices, public transport, restaurants & others.