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How to Apply it?

Method of application
  • Wipe are to ensure a dry clean surface
  • Use our high-tech spray pump along with a dedicated small compressor with the Nano-Zone solution added in the pump chamber.
  • Commence spraying uniformly over the intended surface for a quick to dry, hassle-free result.
  • A fast spraying method is used and a quick curing binding effect would happen in a short period of time.
Process Flow

Set the Nano-Zone in the sprayer

Spray the surface

Completed – fast drying, no wait


Nano-Zone Coating
  • Application coverage range of 1,000 sqm per one liter is the biggest advantage.
  • Molecular binding and high abrasion resistance gives the added cost advantage that application would last for more than 1 year for antiviral applications and 5 years or more for antifouling applications.
  • Nano-Zone coating is a self-sanitizing product which works by activation of any kind of light producing oxidative properties which means significant reduction in routine maintenance cleaning costs (labour, water, power washing etc) and a reduction in the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Nano-Zone coating is a more sustainable choice which is applied less times as opposed to harsher conventional sterilization methods which may produce environmentally-damaging waste material.